Our Subjects

  1. Higher Secondary Course in Arts:
  2. English and MIL are compulsory for all.
  3. In lieu of MIL (Assamese), Alternative English may be offered. Alternative Hindi may be taken as non-collegiate,
  • Besides English and MIL, a student can select a maximum of four subjects from the following of which one will be an additional subject:

Advance Assamese, Economics, Education, History, Mathematics, Logic and Philosophy, Political Science and Sociology.

  1. Three-Year Degree Course in Arts:

Course: A

Major                         Core

Assamese                  Compulsory:

Economics                 English, MIL (Assamese)/Alt. English

Education                  Elective:

English                       Combination I: History/Political Science/Sociology

History                       Combination II: Economics/Rural Development

Philosophy                Combination III: Education/Philosophy

Political Science       Combination IV: Mathematics/Computer/Application

Course: B

  1. D.C. 3rd Semester students should offer ‘Environmental Studies’ as compulsory subject.

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